Master Lock S3500 Permit Control Station

Master Lock S3500 Permit Control Station

The Permit To Work Station simplifies your LOTO procedures

Master Lock has recently launched their new Permit To Work Station S3500 which is directly available on the Lockout-tagout-shop. This ‘Permit to work station’ makes it possible to preserve all necessary documents for a LOTO procedure at ??one clear space??. Lockout-tagout-tryout of LOTOTO is a safety procedure in which all energy sources of machines and installations are isolated, locked and marked before maintenance may take place.


The Permit to work station S35000 consists of 2 modules: the permit display case S3501 (for documents) and the wall mount group lock box (S3502). These parts can be used as a set or separately.


The Permit to work station is constructed of stainless steel with a heavy-duty powder coating which is particularly suitable for outdoor use. The station is wall mountable. The clear, impact-resistant window provides a good view on the work permit and stored keys. The case has a rubber seal to help prevent water damage in case of outdoor applications or during cleaning. The group lock-out box is equipped with 12 numbered padlock holes and a padlock hole for the installation of a commissioning lock. The station is equipped with a removable lock caddy for easy transportation of group safety padlocks to isolation points during lockout. A tag with laser engraving on the lock box is optionally available.


The proper organization of a Work Permit Station simplifies the effective execution of group-lockout. Group-lockout can reduce the number of required safety padlocks and improves the efficiency of a lockout procedure. Group lockout is applied when multiple employees or contractors are involved at one LOTO procedure and/or multiple energy sources need to be isolated simultaneously. During the isolation of the energy sources, employees use procedure pages, key numbers and a counting of the number of locks to determine if the LOTO has been performed correctly. During audits on an installation, missing locks can easily be identified when they are equipped with a laser engraving with key number.


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