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Lockout-tagout-shop.co.uk is the online supplier of high quality Lockout tagout systems for industry. Our products are engineered according to the valid OSHA standard and are durable, standardised, reliable and identifiable.

What is Lockout-tagout? 

Lockout tagout or LOTO is a safety procedure which is used in industry to ensure that machinery is properly shut off, locked and marked prior to the start of maintenance or servicing work. When applying lockout tagout procedures; safety padlock, lockout devices and safety tags are used.


All Lockout-Tagout (LOTO) equipment on one webshop

ABUS Lockout products now available on the Lockout-Tagout-Shop
To offer our customers the full Lockout-Tagout product range, we now offer the ABUS lockout-tagout products directly on our webshop.
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Lockout Shadow Boards
Shadow boards are the perfect way to clearly organize your lockout-tagout equipment
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Master Lock S3500 Permit Control Station
The Permit To Work Station simplifies your LOTO procedures
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New Retractable cable lock-out devices S856 and S866 from Master Lock
S856 and S866 Multifunctional lock-out for valves and circuit breakers
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Choose the correct safety padlock for your lockout tagout application
Choose the right type of safety padklock for Lockout-Tagout procedures in order to secure a safe working environment
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