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Products tagged with lockout tagout

Article Type
Shackle material
Shackle diameter
Shackle height
Bluetooth key safe SMART 5441EURD
SMART Select Access key safe with access keys via Bluetooth.
Outdoor Bluetooth Smart padlock
Bluetooth operated padlock for outdoor use.
Aluminum safety padlock with white cover 74BS/40 WEIß
Aluminum safety padlock with white composite cover, steel shackle (ø 5mm, H 38mm) and key retaining...
Wall switch lock-out 496BD in blister packaging
Locks-out for toggle and paddle wall switches in blister packaging.
Nylon safety padlock orange with cable 195937
Compact Nylon safety padlock orange with (4mm Ø) PVC encased steel cable.
Zenex safety padlock red 410RED
Zenex composite safety padlock red with a (6mm) hardened steel shackle and key retaining function.
Lock-out cable S806
Zenex Adjustable lock-out cable (4mm diameter).
Global-best-practice training USB 833918
Lockout-tagout training movie for organisational safety leaders as well as employees.
Nylon safety padlock black with cable 195934
Compact Nylon safety padlock black with (4mm Ø) PVC encased steel cable.
SMC air line regulator lockout device 064540-064539
Pneumatic quick-disconnect lock-out for the majority of 6mm, 9mm and 12mm male fittings.
Lock-out device for plugs 487D in blister packaging
Lock-out device for plugs 120V to 550V in blister packaging.
Steering wheel lock-out 4716
Steering wheel cover with optional lock-out
Laminated lock-out tags with photo-ID S4800
Laminated lock-out tags with self-laminating Photo-ID (12 psc).
Key safe 5425
Select Access light up dial key safe - wall mount
Zenex safety padlock purple S31LTPRP
Zenex composite safety padlock purple with a (4.76mm) long stainless steel shackle and key retaining...
Group lockout box 050938
Plastic wall-mounted group lockout box.