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Products tagged with Kabelvergrendeling

Shackle material
Lock-out cable S806
Zenex Adjustable lock-out cable (4mm diameter).
Cable lockout 051395
Cable Lockout with coated cable of 2.44 m with diameter 3.25mm
Cable lockout S806CBL21
Zenex Adjustable lock-out cable (4mm diameter), length: 6 meter
All Purpose Cable Lockout (Nylon Cable) 050941
All purpose device to lock out valves, switches, circuit breakers and more.
Lock-out cable S806D in blister packaging
Zenex Adjustable lock-out cable (4mm diameter) in blister packaging.
Scissor-Lok lockout device 236921-236922
Nylon scissor-lok lockout device for multiple locking points.
Mini cable lockout 050940-051442
Mini cable lockout for both electrical and mechanical applications.
Safelex cable lockout 145554
Safelex adjustable cable lockout device (4.1mm cable diameter).